How to Remove Pimples

Garlic is believed to eliminate this skin disorder. How to remove pimple fast using garlic? Chop garlic and rub it on the affected area. Leave it for few minutes and wash thoroughly.

How to remove pimples naturally using other ingredients?

Honey and cucumber have soothing and anti inflammatory substance that can remove the blemish fast. For honey, you can apply it as a topical on top of the acne. It happens that you get the pimples while you aren’t expecting it. While you see big pink acne your first thought generally is to squeeze it out that result in the scarring. How you can remove your pimples efficiently is a main question in teenage & in our adult years. We have, at certain point or other thought, “How you can remove the pimples? How get rid of the pimples?” Here are a few simple tips on how you can remove your pimples. Here are some answers on how to remove pimples overnight.

Avoid squeezing it – This can just give you the temporary satisfaction, however scar may last longer than it is expected. While you pop your pimple, it may start to spread over pores, and resulting in many more pimples. Main thing you must remember while you are thinking how you can remove the pimples is not touching it at all, doesn’t matter what.

Apply ice – This can help to decrease the inflammation. Keep on applying ice every day till your pimple shrinks. Doing this often can reduce the pores. It may as well prevent dirt building up in your pores that generally results in the breakouts of the pimple and acne.

Apply the tinted acne medication – The tinted acne drugs are available in different drug stores all over the counter. Tinted acne drugs must match to your skin tone. So, what it does is it acts like the makeup for covering up your pimple however it also helps to heal your pimple. You must ideally buy the tinted acne drugs with just 10% and less of benzoyl peroxide, sulfur or salicylic acid. Whereas how to remove pimples with cucumber; you should cut it first and put it on the pimple for an hour before you wash your face.

Use heat – In case, you are putting ice on your pimple it will not help to shrink in size, and then apply heat. You must apply heat by using the clean washcloth to your affected area.

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