Home Remedies for Pimples Problems

Everybody wants the skin smooth like baby. This is why zits and pimples are hated so much. People love the idea of getting rid the pimples overnight. Honey is not just sweet but also useful for the blemish. Leave honey on the pimple and wash out after an hour. Three of them are considered the best home remedies for pimples.

They get rid of pimple fast due to the antiseptic and antibiotic formula they contain. These facts may be your reference for finding home remedies for pimples fast. There are many factors that lead to the outbreaks of pimples & for some it makes the bad condition worse.

Hormones – It is mainly true in teens who are going through the puberty and woman’s hormone changes at time of her menstrual cycle, birth control pills or pregnancy she takes.

Oil from the skin products & cosmetics.

Pressure from restrictive or tight clothing, backpack straps, sports helmets, and anything that doesn’t allow skin to breathe.

Pollution & high humidity

Squeezing & picking of pimples.

Scrubbing the skin very hard.


Contrary to the popular belief foods that you eat don’t lead to formation of the pimples. There is a little scientific research, which proves that greasy foods and chocolate cause outbreaks of the pimples. This doesn’t mean you must eat bunch of all unhealthy food either. The right diet can help the body to deal with the stresses that might lead to the outbreaks in simpler way. Another home remedies for pimples are garlic, toothpaste and aspirin.

The home remedy for the pimples includes:

– Cleaning the skin gently, mainly your face. It is good to use the mild cleanser two times in a day. Don’t scrub the face with the rough scour pad & don’t use the astringent except for oil spots. You may make the pimples worse in case, you are not gentle with the skin care.

– Never pick at & pop out your pimples. As it is may lead to scarring or dark skin blotches. These are some home remedies for pimples overnight.

– Shaving nicely. Ensure that your razor is sharp & soften the whiskers with soap & water.

– Never over expose the skin to sun. Whereas it might appear that the nice tan will make your acne go away but actually it just makes them very less visible.

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