Remedy for Pimples in No Time

Remedy for PimplesIt turns out that cornstarch mixed with egg white is not only good for making cakes, but also can solve acne problem. The mixture performs as natural remedy for pimples. For those of you who dislike chemical product, this homemade remedy for pimples are worth to try.

There is not any definite cause of the pimples nowadays. Different people may have different causes in getting these pimples. There are a few possible reasons why the person will have pimples. The irritants like detergents or dust are one of the reasons. Drugs, stress, diet, hormones, and our personal cleanliness will be the cause. It does not choose age, race or color, anybody will have it. Same goes with remedies for the pimples. Ways to eliminate them are too many it is very difficult to decide which can work or not.

Good result of remedy for pimples is obtained through raw papaya juice. Papaya works to be the best home remedy for pimples since it contains soothing property and rich nutrient to nurture your skin. Other best remedy for pimples that uses natural ingredients are lime juice, cucumber, garlic and turmeric. There are many remedies for the pimples out in market now. Some of them are done in home whereas others must be with professional assistance. Searching for remedies for the pimples are simple but finding a right one is just like looking for the needle in stack of hay. It is very tiring & disappointing. Thus, to find out the correct one it is very important you know it causes first.

Also, there are many home remedies for the pimples, which were proven very effective to cure pimples. However, before application of the medication it is important to clean your area infected with the pimples by using the cleanser. Many known cleansers are lavender essential oil & tea tree oil. Lavender essential oil is used as the antiseptic solution, which will help to avoid scarring.

The tea tree oil is actually proven to heal the pimples very easily due to the anti-fungal, anti bacterial, as well as anti-septic actions. And it is recommended as it will cure without drying and irritating your skin. After cleansing your area it is essential to apply the treatment many times in a day. The remedy, which has all these ingredients is suggested, Oleum Lavandula, Oleum Melaleuca, Symphytum and Calendula Officinalis are all effective.

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